November: a month of collaborations and visits from local and international entities

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Our project partners have been working hard on developing work and spaces for VET and HE education. Here are some updates from Centro Público Integrado de Formación Profesional Pirámide, in Huesca Spain:

During the month of November, the Centro Público Integrado de Formación Profesional Pirámide, welcomed various entities interested in educational innovation projects, research, and internationalisation through different Erasmus programs. These collaborations highlight our commitment to opening the center to all key players in educational efforts, both locally and internationally. From November 20th to December 1st, we received a visit from Finnish students from the JEDU educational institution. In collaboration with the Departments of Electricity and Electronics and Computer Science, the visiting students have participated alongside our own students in exchanging technical knowledge and educational and cultural experiences.

Through these lines, we express our gratitude to JEDU and those responsible for facilitating this exchange for their efforts in creating experiences that not only promote an innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability, but also position them on an international stage. Additionally, the Aula Ateca classroom space was visited by members of the Centro de Profesores y Recursos (Aragonese Teachers and Resources Center), including participants from Poland and Germany. Seizing the opportunity to showcase our facilities, our center’s Innovation Department demonstrated how spaces like the Aula Ateca contribute to opening new paths of development, enabling the incorporation of the latest technological advancements into educational practices.

Ultimately, we extend our gratitude to the visiting institutions for the learning opportunities they provide our center through these experiences. We thank them for their significant contribution to enhancing our own programs such as the Excellence Project in Renewable Energies or the Erasmus+ KA220 Project in sustainability and greening in education.